General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


Version 1.0 (2019 – 2nd European Deaf STEM conference)

1. Deaf STEM NL only asks for those specific personal details of a participant:


         -       First name and last name

         -       Home country

         -       Details of study and/or work

         -       Email address

         -       Birth date

         -       Gender

Full name and email address are necessary in case the participant needs to be contacted. In addition to those contact details, the details of their study and/or work are asked, so the organisation will have a complete picture of the participant and thus can better represent the interests of the participant and organize targeted activities at the conference.

2. The personal data is stored for a maximum of five (5) year after the end of the 2nd European Deaf STEM conference (i.e. 20 November 2024). After this termination date, the personal data will be deleted from the administration and the mailbox with the exception of full name and e-mail address. Retention of full name and e-mail address is necessary in case a contact with the participant is needed for various reasons, such as surveys and invitations for events or activity.

Upon termination date, Deaf STEM NL will inform the participant that his/her personal data has been removed from the administration with the exception of the full name and email address. The participant is also informed that he/she can request us to remove their full name and email address from Deaf STEM NL contact list.

3. The administration includes:

         -       A document with all participants with the aforementioned personal details.

         -       A registration form for each participant with the personal data and permission to save the                             personal data.


The participant is informed on the form, via link, which data we keep and that we delete the data when the termination date is due. If the participant does not give permission, he/she cannot join the conference.

4. The administration is stored in the Google Drive of Deaf STEM NL. Every organizer of Deaf STEM NL has access to the folder. There is also a backup present on the computer of the organisation, protected with a password.