Please send either your video via WeTransfer or your motivation letter to us ( See below for details.

  • Submit either 200-words English motivation letter OR 2-mins video in International Signs consists:

    • About yourself (name and country)

    • What is your field of study/research?

    • Are you attending this event to learn, experience, observe or for other motivation (please describe this latest one)?

    • What do you hope to achieve from this conference?

    • Will you present about your study/research? If yes, please look at the form “Registration presenters” and submit.


We will let you know if you are invited. If you’re invited, please pay 50 euros (or 102,50 euros if staying in Best Western Hotel, you get a shared room with 1 person. If you want your own room, you have to pay 262,50 euros) for entry fees and 100 euros deposit before 1 July 2019.


By paying the entry fees and deposit, your participation is confirmed and you agree to the cancellation policy (see below).


  • After attending the conference and staying overnight for 4 nights, your deposit will be refund. If you want to stay less than 4 nights, your deposit will not refund. And if you want to stay longer than 4 nights, you have to arrange yourself.

  • Also, book your transport AFTER 1 May 2019 to be eligible for the refund and travel compensation of 50% up to 75 euros.

If you have other comments or questions, please email us.


If a participant is unable to attend the conference for any reason, she/he must inform the organisation by email. To be eligible for refund and deposit, the following refund arrangements will apply either:  

  1. To get refund of the entry fees and deposit, cancellation must be made more than 35 working days before the conference.

  2. Both entry fees and deposit will not refund if the cancellation is made within 35 working days prior event.


To get refunds, two following ways will take place:


  1. When using credit or debit cards to pay fees and deposit, the same card will be refunded.

  2. If the bank transfer was used to pay fees and deposit, the participant must pay all bank charges.


This cancellation policy as stated on this page is valid from February 2019.